Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Protect Your Employees, Protect Yourself

Consequences of a Fire:

By law, employers can be held responsible for their employees’ safety while at work. They are also responsible for anyone who happens to be on the property during a fire. Everyone has the right to be reasonably protected against detrimental effects of failing to maintain the necessary fire safety measures.

Employees have the right to a safe work environment. The risks of working there should be assessed, and safety measures should be put into place where necessary. A good fire protection design will protect your employees.

You are not always able to completely rid the workplace of hazards, but you can make sure the injury risk is minimised. There is no way to guarantee there will not be any fires at a workplace, but you can use fire alarms and sprinklers to lessen any damage or injury that can result.

You should always take precautions to install safety features in every work area to protect against safety or health risks. Taking the following steps can help protect against injury from a fire:

Utilising a thorough commercial fire protection design plan, factories can prevent loss of life. Their plan should include the following installations:

·         Smoke detectors
·         Fire alarms- These will quickly alert employees of the fire danger. Regular fire drills should be implemented and practiced so that no one is unsure what to do in a real emergency.
·         Exits- Outward opening exits need to stay unlocked, and doors need to be clearly marked and illuminated.
·         Passageways- need to be open and have unrestricted access to evacuation routes.
·         Fire sprinklers- When a fire starts, the sprinklers come on automatically to douse the fire.
·         Fire extinguishers.

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