Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Commercial Fire Suppressant Systems

Commercial fire sprinklers and other repression systems are essential for anyone in the restaurant or industrial paint business. These systems use sprinklers and an alarm system and are designed to work with specific hazards, such as industrial chemicals and cooking equipment. You can buy commercial fire sprinklers and suppression systems for places such as museums and libraries, document storage rooms, telecommunications facilities and computer rooms, as well as industrial plants and restaurant kitchens.

The flammable oils and high temperatures make kitchen fires potentially very dangerous, and special chemicals are needed to douse these fires, rather than water. A fire suppression system including commercial fire sprinklers fights a kitchen fire by releasing the right chemicals at just the right time, and one of these systems can be installed by Fireco.

NFPA standards require inspections of the system every 6 months; we can remind you when an inspection is due, and also provide an expert and thorough inspection.

Flammable and potentially hazardous chemicals are used in spray painting booths, which need a separate fire suppression system because of their enclosed design. Different types of suppression systems may be needed, as paint booths often use different types of chemicals and paints, and the type of system needed can be determined by a professional assessment. When a fire is detected, an extinguishing agent is released and dispersed by the suppression system.

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