Thursday, 5 May 2016

6 Sudden Work Winter Fire Hazards

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The days are getting a little bit more winter-like, which means we’re all trying new things to stay warm in your workplace. However, with seasons changing, so are the potential fire hazards found in and the office. In order to protect yourself and your employees from potentially fatal accident that are easily avoidable, be sure to keep an eye out for the following fire hazard malfunctions:

1. Electric heaters:
Although they warm up a room quite nicely, electric heaters pose many fire hazards – especially when left unattended. Never place them near flammable objects such as curtains or clothing as they could catch fire if the heat setting is set too high.

2. Extension cords:
Overloading an extension cord with heaters can cause a major malfunction – possibly causing an electric fire that could’ve been avoided. Always following instructions on the packaging and purchase numerous plugs if needed to avoid such events.

3. Unattended candles:
Candles aren’t used on a regular basis, but in order to set a calming ambience within a business such as beauty spas, candles are used – especially within winter time to turn a cold room into a cosy one. Never leave candles unattended, rather use battery-operated devices.

4. Fireplace:
Fireplaces create a warm, cosy vibe to any environment – however, if not properly operated and protected can cause a major fire and potentially burn down your commercial property.

5. Gas heaters:
Always keep gas heaters away from potentially flammable objects since gas heaters contain open flames – easily catching fire to an object if not handled with care.

6. Cigarettes:
During summers, smokers don’t mind smoking outdoors. During winter months, standing outside can be torturous – sometimes reverting users to sneak indoors. Always ensure to put out a bud properly – especially during dry climates.

Always ensure you have a clear and well thought-out fire escape plan, and ensure there are no obstructions blocking the exits in the unlikely event of a fire breaking out. Remember, rather be safe than sorry, and install reliable fire protection components such as fire sprinklers to put out any fire – even after hours. 

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