Thursday, 4 June 2015

Jobs to Die For.

Do you feel as though you need more adventure in your life? Why not switch to a more adventurous job- possibly a lot more fun and a higher fatality rate. Sound appealing?
Here’s a list of the most dangerous jobs:

Carpenter: There are countless ways to injure yourself if you are a carpenter- falling off ladders, hurting yourself on machinery or falling from great heights makes this occupation infamous for danger.

Stunt man: With all the adrenaline comes great risks of getting injured- whether it’s jumping off high rises, dangerously driving or abseiling down cliffs, this job is not for the weak.

Police man: Public service and danger- this is the greatest combination for a job. If you are willing to put your life on the line for others- this is a perfect job for you!

Mechanic: This job is comprised of mixed dangers: chemicals, dangerous tools and poisonous fumes.

Member of a search and rescue team: You are either embracing dangerous mountain temperatures, rough seawaters or saving people from natural disasters. Saving people from danger requires an aspect of danger.

Land mine remover: This job is extremely dangerous. Your chances of being in an explosion are high.

Miner: Not only does this occupation destroy your lungs but there is also a chance that the mine caves in and either traps or kills you.

Deep sea fisherman: The sea is not a friendly place, especially if you are floating in freezing weather conditions for long nights and facing the threat of lots of dangerous items being tossed around the boat.

Lumberjack: Chain saws, big trees and long working hours make this one of the most dangerous jobs.

Fireman: Firemen have the threat of being burnt, out of oxygen, in an explosion or flattened by buildings all for the sake of fire protection.

Astronaut: This is probably one of the more dangerous jobs because a high percentage of people who make it into space die.
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