Friday, 30 January 2015

Fire-Causing Culprits

Fires can be started and spread in seconds that is why you need to implement fire prevention methods. Here are some of the different fire-causing culprits:

If    a cigarette drops on furniture or carpeting, it can smolder for hours then burst into flames when you least expect it. To prevent this from happening, do not smoke in bed, use ashtrays, do not empty out your ashtrays on top of flammable material and never light a cigarette close to flammable liquids such as petrol.

People tend to fall asleep with their heaters on or leave them unattended in a room. This results in fires. Your heater shouldn’t be left on if no one is in the room or kept close to any objects, especially furniture, towels and clothing.

Fires can start when you leave the kitchen unattended when cooking. Watch out for wearing any clothes that are too baggy and can accidentally touch the stove; also keep your stove and oven grease free.

Flammable liquids
Keep all flammable liquids in safe, sealed containers away from plug sockets, stoves, appliances and candles. Avoid storing liquids such as petrol near your home.

Although there are easy ways to prevent fires, as mentioned in this article, you should also invest in fire alarms and sprinklers do that if a fire does start, something can be done to stop it.

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