Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Don't be a Victim of Electrical Fires

Electrical fires don't happen by magic. Either the victim ignored the early warnings or he/she was unaware of the precautions to take. 

Here are some tips to help you avoid electrical fires.

Dispose damaged cables immediately. Get a suitable replacement at once or call an electrician who is capable of fixing them. Also make sure your cables don't lie on the floor as this may cause trips.

Beware of fake products. Fake electrical gadgets are numerous and usually cheaper than the original ones. You should be able to differentiate a fake item from the genuine one especially if you often buy it. The retailer's approval isn't sufficient proof that an item is genuine since he or she may not even be truthful.

Invite only electricians who have good testimonials. Poor wiring is risky and capable of causing electrical fire even when you least expect it.

Don't be guilty of overloading an outlet. Follow the manufacturer's directions and ensure you don't plug more than required on a circuit. Be vigilant for signs that indicate potential hazards. These signs include:
·         Change of plug colour
·         Burning smell from electrical appliance or wall socket
·         Noise from the plug when connected to the socket
·         Sparks from the plug
·         Feelings of mild electric shock when the plug is touched

The causes of fire outbreak may be difficult to detect even to the most prudent so it is important to always have a control measure around. CO2 gas and dry powder extinguishers are good but you may want to opt for the gas type because it helps to prevent further damage on the electrical gadget.

Picture Source: http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/plug-and-socket-in-realistic-style_766798.htm

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